U.S. Patent Office Grants Patent to INVEST N RETIRE, LLC

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U.S. Patent Office Grants Patent to INVEST N RETIRE, LLC

System and Method for Managing Tax-Deferred Retirement Accounts

PORTLAND, OR- Nov 15, 2011, the U.S. Patent Office granted Invest n Retire, LLC (INR) patent number 8060428, “System and Method for Managing Tax-Deferred Retirement Accounts.”

INR’s patented technology, among other functionality, allows employees in retirement plans to invest in a portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) according to a professionally designed asset allocation model (AAM). The system also uses regular payroll contributions to selectively buy underweighted ETFs in the portfolio so that the employee’s AAM maintains its balance, referred to as Self-Aligning Portfolios™.

Darwin Abrahamson, founder and CEO of Invest n Retire® and a pioneer in the retirement industry, calls this a “turning point.”

As a significant number of investors continue to leave mutual funds in favor of ETFs, the only obstacle blocking the way for employees in retirement plans was technological limitations which INR has overcome. Now employees can reap the benefits of ETFs, the fastest growing investment vehicle in history.

INR’s technology goes even further with the inclusion of online tools that make the job of managing your retirement account a breeze. If you want to know how much you need to save for retirement, you can find the answer easily using INR’s calculator. By designing a calculator that is integrated with payroll; employee information such as age, salary, and contribution rate prepopulates the calculator.

Even more important, the calculator also prepopulates the employee’s rate of return, based on the asset allocation model selected. Now, with a single click, the calculator tells the employee if he or she is on track for retirement. If the results indicate a shortfall, the calculator offers a few changes to consider implementing in order to get on the road to retirement success.

“Up until now, everyone essentially only offered mutual funds which operate on antique systems developed back in the ‘70s. Realistically, the retirement industry is suspended in a time warp. With our patented technology the industry no longer has to be constrained, moving forward with modern technology and better investment choices – ETFs. Our approach to solving the countless problems facing the retirement industry is unprecedented.” Abrahamson said.

About Invest n Retire, LLC

Invest n Retire‚ LLC (INR)‚ located in Portland Oregon‚ was founded in 2000 by Darwin Abrahamson in response to the overwhelming demand for leading edge technology that can deliver financial tools and services to tax-deferred retirement plans. INR’s uniquely designed patented system addresses and solves numerous problems confronting the retirement industry. http://www.investnretire.com/

To obtain a PDF version of this press release click here

To view Patent deatils from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office click here and search Patent No: 8060428

About Darwin Abrahamson
Darwin Abrahamson founded Invest n Retire‚ LLC (INR) in 2004. Since 1982 Darwin has worked with fiduciaries and pension administrators of qualified tax-deferred retirement plans. Darwin has written articles for several financial publications; including Financial Planning Magazine‚ Financial Advisors Magazine, and the Journal of Indexes. His articles have been syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate. Darwin wrote an article‚ Avoiding Redemption Fees in 401(k) Plans‚ for Financial Advisors Magazine in 2005. In response to a white paper published in the Journal of Indexes‚ June 2008‚ Darwin wrote a rebuttal‚ Debunking the Myth That ETFs Have No Place in 401(k)s.

2 Responses to U.S. Patent Office Grants Patent to INVEST N RETIRE, LLC

  1. Alexandra Iosif says:

    Neil- Great press release! Congrats on the patent! I think that ETFs in 401k plans are definitely a great way to offer investors an array of investment choices with lower fees, and I am glad to see that Invest n Retire is constantly working towards developing the next best thing.

    -Alexandra Iosif, Financial Services Representative
    (503) 542 -9421

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