What makes InvestnRetire so unique?

It Starts With a 3(38): Under ERISA, code section 3(38) allows plans to hire an investment manager to select, manage and monitor the investment options in their plan. This allows plan sponsors to completely remove their fiduciary responsibilities and legal liabilities; the 3(38) accepts these in writing.

Model Portfolios: The investment manager designs and manages age based model portfolios. Participants who still wish to pick their own investments may continue to do so, though only around 5% choose to; attesting to the strong demand from participants for professional portfolio management.

Low Cost Investments: The model portfolios are built using exchange traded funds, the lowest cost investment options available. This increases returns at by the reduced cost without additional risk.

Appropriate Investment Risk: With auto-enrollment, participants are defaulted into these age based models, which range from aggressive to conservative. They automatically move through models as they approach retirement. Participants can also easily move between models if they choose.

Retirement Calculator: The need to change models depends on many factors, including contribution. To determine both, along with how much they will need to save by retirement, participants have access to an integrated retirement calculator, pre-populated with their personal information and model performance. This allows them to see if they’re on track for retirement in a single click. If they are not, they can move to a different model or increase their contribution rate, with the exact amount shown.

Mandatory Fee Disclosure:  The ETFs selected by the 3(38) investment managers do not charge revenue sharing fees. Participant service fees are deducted directly from the participant’s account and are displayed in dollars and cents on their quarterly statements, ensuring the fullest and most transparent compliance with the new Department of Labor (DOL) fee disclosure regulations.


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